Akash Management LLC

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About the project

For restaurateur Amir Siddiqi of Akash Management LLC, America was a place where you could make your dreams come true, and he did just that. Siddiqi immigrated from Pakistan and went from washing dishes at Carl’s Jr, to owning more than 150 of his very own in California. He quickly learned the rewards of hard work and dedication, and recognized that Coloredge is too, dedicated to our craft. When Siddiqi needed a hand in branding his corporation’s headquarters in Pomona, CA., he knew that Coloredge was just the one stop shop he needed.

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Custom color matched walls, vinyl typography that motivates employees and demonstrates brand values, and branded panels that mark pivotal accomplishments were just a few of the facets of this project. For Siddiqi, and Akash Management LLC, seeing their office space branded and brought to life was the cherry on top of a business venture gone right.