Taco Bell

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About the project

Taco Bell has become a staple in the fast food scene, both in America and around the world. Over the years, Taco Bell came to realize that consumers were having parties organically at their restaurants—sharing the festivities across social media. In order to take this trend to another level, and establish themselves as the new party destination, Taco Bell created Party by Taco Bell. With this unique offering, consumers can host their celebrations at an actual Taco Bell location, with all the necessary party supplies and VIP seating needed.

Coloredge had the pleasure of producing comps of the table runner, reserved table tent, party box and even special plates for party goers to devour the famed tex-mex goodies. They say parties are a reflection of how individuals want to be perceived. If that’s the case, having a Party by Taco Bell is the ultimate bragging right.